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In my post January, I mentioned that house hunting was one of the things that’s been keeping me from blogging.  (This elicited a “HOUSEHUNTING????? WTF????” message from the BFF – oops, I’d forgotten to mention it to her!)

Net result is, this will be our new home from June 4th, which also happens to be the LSH’s birthday.

Reillanne house

Happy birthday, LSH.  Can’t wait to see what my present will be on June 5th…

No, there’s no paddock for Flurry and Aero, but it’s in the village of Reillanne – only a five minute drive away from where they live.  There’s a nice garden for the dogs to run around in and for us to grow things in, a great view of the eastern end of the Luberon and a lovely balcony to admire it from.  At the moment, most of the ground floor is garage and storage space, with the living space on the first floor – that’s a very traditional way of building houses here.  Currently, there are two or three bedrooms upstairs, depending on how we lay it out, but ultimately we plan to add a second bathroom and an extra bedroom or two downstairs. Then we’ll register on Airbnb to try and generate some extra income! I’m sure a discount can be arranged for blog followers…

The house dates from 1968, but the upstairs has been mostly refurbished by the sellers, and it seems that all the work that’s been done is of a good standard.  Fingers are tightly crossed that we don’t discover too much wrong when we move in.

More photos of the interior and exterior will follow in June!

Meanwhile, here’s another Springiness photo. I will miss these pretty flowering cherry trees, they’re just around the corner from us here in Céreste.DSCF2031


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