Training Aids

There was a time when ‘buying a new training aid’ implied that someone had arrived home with a leather contraption designed to lower the horse’s head, develop the topline, engage the hindquarters… you know the kind of thing I mean.

Something like this, perhaps.


My photo but not my horse!

How times have changed.

_XP21899 (2)

New training aid floating above my head

I think I’m going to enjoy using this training aid more.

And I’m sure I’ll find a use for this guy, too.


The LSH decided I needed a Spongebob

(We did some brocante shopping this weekend!)


2 thoughts on “Training Aids

  1. I, too, love these “new” training aids.(Forget the hardware & straps for their heads!)
    I’ve also used those long strings of flapping triangular flags that are so often seen on used car lots. My mares will also carry flags, rope dummies, drag empty feed sacks, chase balls for broomball polo, and Gracie will even chase my son on his motorcycle. Crazy things, I know, but we have fun and they aren’t bored or drilled to death.


    • That’s it – not bored, not drilled into submission.
      And having used those ‘other’ training aids, I realise now that the use of them and the perceived NEED to use them was just making me obsess too much about the wrong things with my horses. Nowadays it’s all about the fun.


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