And the word of the week is…



This is one word I cannot get to stay in my brain, no matter how many times I hear it.  Hopefully by including it as a word of the week, I will manage to remember it in future.  It’s especially important because I seem to be having allergies this summer for the first time ever.


The correct reaction is “À tes souhaits” or “À vos souhaits” if you don’t know the person very well.

Rather then the religious “Bless you!” or the Irish “Oh Lord bless us and save us!”, you are just saying “To your wishes” –  hoping the sneezer’s wishes come true.  This is where is gets interesting…

If they sneeze a second time, then you can say “À tes/vos amours” or “To your loves” and if they sneeze a third time, you can say “Et qu’elles duront toujours” “May they last forever”.

I’m sure you needed to know all that.


6 thoughts on “And the word of the week is…

  1. I have a visual memory of a woodcut from story wherein the intrepid hero is seated on the rafters of a banqueting hall with a elf/gnome/demon. The e/g/d is dropping pepper onto the beautiful heroine’s head, or maybe into her dinner. Since she is such a delicate flower, her sneezes are equally delicate, therefore no one hears her in the loud hall. One more sneeze and she is e/g/d bait! The hero can’t take it & says Bless You!

    What the story is, why he is sitting on the rafter, & what happens next have been lost to the mists of time.

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    • French fairy tails are weird. Have you heard about the French Santa Claus’ helper pèrr fouettard? I reckon he is why French kids are so well behaved.


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