Salutation September

My week of Salutations was a Success!

Not only did I feel more supple by the end of the week, but I had much more energy, even by the third day.  I’m so pleased with the benefits that I’m going to do as I threatened and continue for the month of September.  I’ve already said this on my other social media outlets, but I know a couple of my blogging friends also practise yoga from time to time and I thought some of you might like to join in.

The idea is that on September 1st, we do a single sun salutation.  On the second we do two, the third we do three and so on all the way up to thirty on the thirtieth!  Gulp!  But the most important rule is THERE ARE NO RULES!  If you’re lying on the floor in a soggy heap after one salutation, that’s fine – aim to do one salutation per day for the month.  If you’re physically fit enough to do thirty (fair play!) but don’t have the time to do them all in one go at the end, that’s fine too – do a few whenever you can fit them in throughout the day.  This doesn’t have to happen at dawn, that’s just when I choose to do it.  Would you be worried about missing a day here and there? No problem – one salutation takes less than five minutes! Just do one to keep in touch and carry on as usual the next day.

If you feel moved to share what you’re doing – great!  Post on whatever social media channels you want, with the hashtag #salutationseptember.  You prefer to keep your personal exercise private? Also great! Maybe just leave a comment here or on Facebook at the end of the month saying that you participated.

Throughout my week of salutations, I posted a sunrise photo every morning on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  I think my friends are enjoying them… a few friends replied with equally beautiful sunset or sunrise photos, and then one lady in Sydney replied with this.


Wow! Stunning! Someday I will visit Australia…

So I will continue to post sunrise (or thereabouts) photos for the whole month.  These should be fun, because we’ll be in Italy for a few days next week and then we’ll be in Chamonix at the end of the month, so hopefully I will get some interesting early morning photos.

Will I be doing my last day of thirty salutations in Chamonix? Yes! And better still, not only are my two daughters taking part in #salutationseptember, but the LSH is going to have a go, too.  Watch out for thirty salutations from all four of us on a mountain top at the end of the month!


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