Progress Report

Happily, there is progress to be reported.

First of all, Aero.

After three weeks of cortisone injections, his breathing was normal (10-12/min).  He was coping well with hills out on trail rides, but he was coughing a (very) little.  In the arena, he was coughing a LOT but it’s very dusty  and he loves to go around with his nose on the ground so of course he’d be inhaling lots of dust.

The instructions for the cortisone was 3 weeks of injections, 1 week break and see how he is before I decide to start injecting again.  We’re now at the end of that week-long break.  His breathing at rest is back up to approx 25/min (not as bad as it was), his nose is a little runny and he’s coughing a little.  So it’s another three weeks of cortisone for him.



Then there’s Flurry.  Flurry is being very sweet and adorable, if a little lazy, but I’m enjoying him a lot right now.  His head-shaking improved up to a point, and I came to the conclusion that I could cope with it.  But then the flies came out in force and his head shaking became worse again.  It must be the flies, I thought. He seemed to shake his head less when being ridden, and that convinced me even more that it is currently the flies that are causing it – he wears a fly bonnet when he’s working.  So I started putting fly masks on both of them a couple of days ago.  Today I took Flurry on what should have been an enjoyable, easy hack but sadly he was shaking his head as badly as ever, despite loads of fly spray and his bonnet to protect his ears.  So that knocks the fly theory on the head.  I’ll see how he goes for a couple of days before making any drastic decisions, but I suspect I may have to try him on cortisone too.

On the bright side, we must surely be nearing the end of pollen season…

Finally, there’s me!  This week, I rode every day (two reasonably good schooling sessions in the arena and hacked out every other day), I gardened for a couple of hours on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and I gave Aero a good trim all round, hind feet at the start of the week and front feet yesterday.  So there’s a HUGE improvement, although I have to confess I’m a little sore since doing Aero’s feet yesterday.  With another five physio sessions to go, I’m hoping for even more improvement!

Finally, Rodney’s Saga had asked for more photos of Casey ages ago!  Here’s one of him being cute, hoping to be invited through the door at the top of the stairs!  How can we resist those eyes!


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