Le Grand Bouillon

Back in April, when I woke the blog up again, I mentioned that there’s a lot going on in out village this summer.  Well, it’s all starting off this weekend with Le Grand Bouillon.

A bouillon is a big pot that you make soups or stews in.  Grand means big, so Le Grand Bouillon is literally The Big Stewpot.  However, I think that Melting Pot is a better translation, because it gives the sense that the Grand Bouillon will reflect the diversity of life in our little village.

The first Grand Bouillon was held in 2016, the weekend after we moved into our new house.  We weren’t too sure what was going on, so we looked at a few events, but in a detached, outsider sort of way.

This year is the second time it’s been held and, this time, the LSH is deeply involved.  Not only is he on two organising committees, but he’s also launching a photographic exhibition in conjunction with the start of the Grand Bouillon.  I’m less involved – I’ve done some knitting for the yarn-bombing, and I’m doing some taxi-runs for car-less people and generally helping with the LSH’s expo.

To give you a flavour of what’s going to be happening, here’s a video that was put together after the last one.


The LSH’s exhibition is opening on Thursday evening.  He’s co-exhibiting with two other local artists in the Galerie des Arts en Luberon and I have to say, it’s strong stuff.  I’m thinking of doing a video of it to share with you – who’s interested?  I could do it live on Instagram, but that doesn’t seem to save the video on my phone, so I think I will have to do a non-live version.  (If anyone can tell me how to make Instagram save the video, I’d be happy to hear it.  The ‘save to phone’ box is ticked, but it ain’t happening.)

So for the next week or so, all you’re going to hear from me is arty stuff.

Get ready, Reillanne… it’s going to be AMAZING!

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