Pricing of Art Work

Well this is bloody difficult… Put a value on my own work? My own time?

It should be easy, right?  I earn €10/hour approx for my horse job, so I’m aiming to give myself the same rate for my artwork. Ten euros per hour isn’t much…  But then I can spend hours and hours on some intricate detail (Like a scarf. More anon) and I daren’t even think about totting up how many hours I spent on a piece.  Better to chalk it (lol. pun intended) down to a development process and a new technique learned.

With the aim of earning €10/hour, I’ve come up with the following rates for commissioned horse and dog portraits.

A4 pencil sketch – €40


Small (18x24cm) pastel painting – €60

Medium (24x30cm) pastel painting – €100

Desert Storm

Large (30x40cm) pastel painting – €150

Dr Hooves

In general, portraits are head and neck only.  Full body portraits are open to discussion and are absolutely not out of the question.  Even horses with riders aboard are possible…

Angela and Tommy

…just don’t expect me to do human faces!

Larger sizes and pictures with multiple subjects are also possible, but will be priced on a piece by piece basis.  You can always email me here or message me on Facebook to discuss your particular ideas.

Here are a few more samples.  Enjoy perusing…

My sister’s dog, Fergus, small pastel and experimenting with colour on black paper. Both 18x24cm

Samantha Hobden’s Harley, aiming for a sepia-toned monochrome effect. Small size.

MC’s Doug, A4 size

I hope you can see the difference in the amount of detail in each piece as the size goes up!

Here are some existing art works, some of which are for sale.

Love at First Sight

Barn owls – 2 seperate pictures, 20x30cm.

I also love playing around with white on black.  These are A4 size.

Odji, field companion to Aero and Flurry

Flurry, Strutting his Stuff

Finally, some exciting news – I’m taking part in two exhibitions this summer so I’ve got to produce enough quality pieces for those. So – back to the drawing board 😀






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