Using my Powers for Good

While idly browsing through Facebook one evening, this face scrolled by.

Was it a love at first sight thing? I can’t truly say.  (But look at those eyes, how could anyone resist those eyes?)

We have three dogs, one of them being Cookie, aka The Hellhound, and one of them being Casey, aka The Blithering Idiot. There is no way on earth we can take on a fourth.  I scrolled on by, but I could not forget that face.

Over the next week or two, I went back for a second, and third, and maybe more, look.

She’s called Shiva and she’s an American Bulldog in the care of Cork Dog Action Welfare Group, the refuge where we got Rosie, The World Champion Slumberer. Apart from the fact that Shiva would be best as the only dog in a family, they say only good things about her on their website, (check it out, do!) but no, we absolutely cannot take on a fourth dog.  And there’s that Only Dog thing, too!

Could I paint her, and thus hold her forever in my heart? I took a screenshot (those eyes, those eyes!) and saved it into my Things I Might Paint folder.  And then I got very, very busy, trying to prepare for the biggest of the three (eeek!) exhibitions I have planned for this summer.  I had a definite theme in mind for that one, and Shiva did not fit in with my theme but, finally, I was happy with what I had produced for Poils et Plumes. (Cafe du Cours, Reillanne, 04110, July 2 – 30 if you’re in the area…)

I returned to my Things I Might Paint folder and those eyes stared at me once more. Was there a hint of accusation there? You could be doing something to help me, even if you can’t adopt me….

I contacted the lovely people at CDAWG.  Shiva is still with them, in a foster home, fortunately. Imagine that face stuck behind bars!

Could I paint her, I asked. One must always have the photographer’s permission, apparently.

Of course, her fosterer replied.  Anything that will give her more exposure will be good!

So here’s the deal. I’ll be painting Shiva and sharing progress as I go along.  I will exhibit her in the expo at La Biscuiterie in Cereste and at Galérie Cent Cinq in Apt, along with her history. If she is sold at either of those, I will donate 100% to CDAWG. If not, we will organise an on-line auction.

Whatever happens, you’ll be seeing a lot more of that smooshy face.

See? Using my powers for good. Just like The Avengers..

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