Christmas Cards are Ready!

Between visitors, horse work, Villa Amande work and life in general, it’s been hard to settle down to finish off the doggie Christmas card series, but I’m finally there.

There are three in portrait format :

Cookie, in “Hey! That’s not your ball!”

Casey, in “This guy won’t be troubling you any more.”

and Lol, in “Nom Nom! I love my new chew!”

Then there’s one landscape format :

Bertie, in “Ouch! This stuff don’t half prickle!”

Bertie is already the best-seller – his owner ordered fifty cards! Woohoo! (and thanks, M-)

If you’d like to help a struggling artist feed her horses, you can email me on for prices and mailing quotes.

Otherwise, I hope you like my pics! I’m delighted with them and I can’t wait for the actual cards to arrive from Moo 😀

Huge thanks to all my models (I wuff ❤ you all), to the LSH for photographing, white-balancing, colour-correcting and all that good stuff. To the Youngest Daughter for holding the originals to be photographed while I was lying on the flat of my back having severely wrenched it while emptying the dishwasher (oh boy, housework is seriously risky). And finally thanks to Odile for translating the captions into French. While the French don’t have the same tradition of Christmas cards that we do in the English speaking world, it would be wrong not to have them in French too.

My expo in Apt will FINALLY go ahead this month, so I’ll be offering the cards on sale there too.


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