Taking Art out of the Frame

I am so ridiculously delighted with these.

It’s my Chouette 1, printed on cushion covers by the clever people at Redbubble.com.

Redbubble is a site where artists can sell their images in many different formats. It’s set up very much like a community or social media site.

I’ve been uploading some of my images to my page there, and working out which ones will look good on what.

I’ve duplicated and reversed some images, in some cases so that someone can have two horse cushions which look at each other…

…but also so that it will look correct on certain items. For example, the leftward looking Iberian will look wrong on a phone cover :

His head would end up at the back of the phone, but his mirror image will look fine, after being shrunk down a wee bit :

Who knows whether anyone would want such a thing on their phone cover… but he’s there in case a Lusitano-lover sees him and falls in love with his little face. I also thought he’d look good on a mug, but cropped in close…

There’s a wide variety of things to print on, and it helps that I can modify the background colour to suit each image.

Take a look at my page by clicking on the image below…

Once you’re there, you can see what options are available for each picture by clicking on it. Have fun!

Sales, likes, shares and suggestions for what you might like to see one of my pictures on  are all welcome.

The title of this post, Taking Art out of the Frame, is the title of a short piece I wrote in my artist’s journal on Redbubble. You can read it if you drop by. 



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