My ToDo List

A very dear friend stayed with me for a few days.

The odd cup of tea (or two) was consumed, along with the occasional glass of something stronger in the evenings.  We discussed many things, including just how much I have to get done before we leave on September 30th.

“Make a list,” she said, “and tick things off as you do them.  Then you won’t get into such a panic over the things you need to do, or should have done by now – you’ll feel you’ve accomplished something every time you look at the list.”

Some people are just so sensible!

The very first thing to go on the list was “Rehome Lilly.”    TICK!

Yes!  I found a home for Lilly!  Early last week, I picked up the phone and started ringing any horse person I know who breaks youngsters.  This time, instead of saying “I’m looking for a home for a chestnut filly, I’m going back to France in January” I was saying “I’m looking for a home for a chestnut filly.  I’ve got eight weeks to find somewhere for her, otherwise I think I will have no option but to put her down.”  Very sad, but unfortunately, very true.

The second person I rang said straight away, “I’ll take her.”  He’s a down-to-earth horseman with a no-nonsense approach.  She’ll be broken with patience, and, with him, it’ll take as long as it takes – no rushing.  She won’t be groomed within an inch of her life, have her mane and tail washed and brushed and her hooves oiled every day, nor will she be fed a cocktail of treats and supplements, but she will be fed and watered, wormed and vaccinated, and will learn a trade – either as a jumper or as a riding school horse.  He’s a realist and he knows the horse industry inside out – if she is talented, he’ll be able to sell her, if not, he’ll keep her and she’ll earn her keep in the school.

He came by to pick her up three days later.  She walked up to him in the field and put her head on his shoulder, then she followed him willingly into the trailer – she had never been loaded before!  I’m so happy that I haven’t had to face that other awful outcome for her, and so happy that she will have a good home.

Speaking of good homes, another item on my list is “Rehome Dylan.”  There is not the same sense of urgency about him, though.  I’ve been in touch with the local rescue organisation and I’ve said I’m happy to foster him until the middle of September.  Meanwhile, I’ll keep posting his photo on Facebook and keep telling friends about him – we may find a home for him that way.  The lady I spoke to also offered to try to rehome the cats for me – they gave them to me about five years ago.  I’m not so sure about that – if I rent out the stables, the tenant will surely be happy to have Rodent Control Officers present and I’me sure the cats would prefer not to be moved.

I’m not going to post the list in all its glory here, as I’m quite certain that it will be ever-changing, right up to the last minute, but I’ll share my “achievements” here :

  • Contact Letting Agent (will meet with them next week)
  • Book NCT (roadworthiness test) for Jeepy
  • Order Skip (being delivered today)
  • Go through my wardrobe (ouch)
That last one was painful, but I’ve gotten rid of seven bin-bags worth of clothes.  Wow.
It’s a start.  Look out, kitchen cupboards, you’re next!
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