I’d Forgotten


I’d forgotten how much I love this little horse and how much he loves and trusts me.  I’ve been so tied up with trying to “connect” with Aero that I’d forgotten how it feels to ride out on Flurry, facing fearlessly into the unknown, or to walk along in front of him on a difficult trail while he followed carefully behind, putting his feet where I put mine, occasionally nudging my shoulder.

It’s time to ‘fess up.  The important people (that would be Anne) know already so it’s time to go public.

I don’t spend all my days lounging around, or dog-walking or playing with my horses.  I’m surgically attached to my laptop for hours every day, writing the story of Le Big Trek – I’m hoping it’ll turn into a book that one or two people might even want to read – and it has brought the memories flooding back.  Steep climbs, near-vertical descents, tiny bridges, rushing streams – wherever I asked him to go, he went without hesitation.  Without him, there’s a real possibility we’d never have got out of Ceréste!

So today, with the sun shining and my laptop somewhat frazzled, I decided to take Flurry out and just enjoy him.


Mud and all.

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