Two Steady Neddies

Finally, this week, the rain has stopped.

Finally, the ground is drying out.

Finally, the forecast is good.

Finally, my Javanese cold (thanks Bro) has cleared up.

Finally, we got the horses out.

I must confess, we actually groomed them yesterday, so today there was just a light patina of encrusted mud to remove, but I was coughing up a storm all last night as a result.

Today, we rode out through the back of the Farm and did a one-hour loop through the woods on the other side of the road.

_DSC0460Relaxed, confident and content – two steady neddies, strolling along enjoying the sunshine, swapping the lead back and forth, listening to the birds sing and the first cuckoo calling.  And the horses were pretty good, too.

One advantage of an unemployed husband is that he’s available to for treks during the day, so tomorrow, we’re going further afield.


This day last year, my friend Anne and I did our first and only dress rehearsal ride in preparation for The Big Trek.  This year, Anne is preparing to walk part of the Camino de Santiago de Compestella to raise funds for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Relive our adventure and if you like the blog please donate to IGDB at

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