Hydromagnetology II

Reading everyone’s comments on the last post has caused me to ponder some more.  I’ve been extrapolating the theory of Hydromagnetology and I’m beginning to come to a terrible realisation.

Think about all the extreme weather occurring across the globe over the course of the last ten years.
Then think about the current Irish economic situation and the resulting modern day diaspora as the Irish spread across the globe in search of work over the course of the last ten years.

The conclusion is inescapable.  The Irish are responsible for Climate Change.

Sorry, World.



6 thoughts on “Hydromagnetology II

  1. Very funny. You can’t really blame te Irish for everything though just most things gone awry. You know like I do to my husband I’m sure if he wasn’t Irish it wouldn’t be raining right now!


    • Explain my theory to him. It’s probably an indication that there’s a couple more Irish people in the vicinity every time it rains, you know!


  2. Tangential rain story. Our rehersal dinner & much of our wedding arrangements depended on good weather. I kept fretting that it would rain. Soon-to-be-Hubby kept say “It won’t rain.” It rained the week before, all week. It was clear Saturday night & Sunday. It rained the week after. I don’t know how he arranged it, but you can’t argue with success.


  3. This past winter, my little part of Aberdeenshire became the snow capital of Scotland. I would be snowed in for days whereas friends just a few miles away were going about their daily routine with just a hint of snow on verges. My granny was Irish……Martine, I think you have hit the nail on the head!


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