I am developing a theory.  I call it the theory of hydromagnetology :

When three or more Irish people get together, the hydromagnetological attraction becomes increasingly powerfully, drawing rain-clouds to their vicinity.

Some empirical evidence :

Last October, we basked in sunshine and temperatures in the mid twenties.  Then Granny came out for a two-week visit.  The rain moved in the day she arrived and departed the day after her.

We all (five of us) went to California for Christmas, bringing the total of Irish people in my sister’s household to somewhere between seven and nine (I’m not sure what nationality her kids are).  It rained for the entire two weeks we were there.

This week, Elayne arrived on Tuesday.  It rained on and off for the next three days.  It even rained in Nice the day we dropped her there for her flight home.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Irish friends came to visit for the weekend.  Obviously, Elayne’s presence during the week had already upset the hydromagnetologism of the region.  The influx of another two Irish bodies was too much for the system, causing a veritable waterfall to pour from the sky over the whole region for all of Saturday. Thank goodness, they left today.  The forecast for the rest of the week is good UNTIL SATURDAY!

What happens on Saturday?  More Irish people are due to arrive – the YD, her BF, my big sister & her hubby.  It’s possible that the Big Sister and Hubby will count as American in hydromegnetological terms.  Let’s just wait and see how much rain falls next weekend before we attach a definitive label to them.

And with the YD and her BF here until September, I suspect Provençe could have its wettest summer on record.


I hope the French don’t get wind of my hydromagnetological research.  They might deport us in order to protect their valuable tourism industry.


20 thoughts on “Hydromagnetology

  1. Ooh I wonder are you on the same flight as The Sis and the Bro-in-Law? Perhaps you’ll all bring Californian sunshine with you… I’ve just checked the forecast and it’s gone from rain Saturday and Sunday to just cloudy… I need to write this up…


    • Being a Brit who has always been blamed by the french for wet weather I welcome and endorse any application for a Nobel Prize for Martine as it just demonstrates irrefutably thhat us Brits are NOT TO BLAME, Hurrah!!!


    • I think the visiting Californians have cancelled out the Hibernohydromagnetological effect. It will be interesting to see what happens when they leave.
      It will also be interesting to see if I can make up any more words.


  2. I hope our return to Provence from California ( where its been gorgeous weather ) at the end of the week will balance out the ill effects of any Irish visiting. Have a sunny week.


    • There was obviously evidence to suggest Hydromagnetology even back in the seventies, but Douglas Adams must have been too busy writing to put any time into researching it. Or to come up with a pretentious name for it.


  3. Haha and there was me thinking this was a serious post about some sort of newfangled hydro-treatment :L
    Although, I think your research is looking pretty conclusive… Maybe you could make a lot of money out of advise to Irish people, their friends and more importantly – the weather forecasters!


  4. We’ve had the theory (without a fancy name like hydomagnetology) for years – ever since Dad’s parents visited one December and ended a seven year drought in Northern California…

    The grandmothers and Mum (aka Sis) have a related theory – we bring the California sunshine whenever we visit. Certainly, there was a lot more sun in Ireland when we visited in the 1990s then I remembered from when I was small, and the two Christmas’ that we spent with you all seemed milder (much less snow and hardly any ice) than I remembered or were reported to us in other years.

    It’s up to you now to figure out exactly who in the California branch actually brings the sunshine… given all of the rain I see on my solo visits, I know it’s not me and my Irish passport! 😉


    • I’d forgotten that, JtG! Yet more empirical evidence to support the theory… hmmm…
      I’d better alert the locals that there will be rain here at the end of June/beginning of July 😦


    • If the entire population of Ireland moved to Southwestern Idaho you’d find that your Owyhee Desert would quickly become a typical Irish bog.


  5. I like your theory but hope you’re wrong this weekend when visitors arrive. My daughter is in Galway right now and she said the weather today was gorgeous. So I’m still trying to figure out if your theory holds up…


    • Well if you’re like Kayti and you cause electrical problems and we’re here causing rain… that just sounds like a thunderstorm to me. Not good!


  6. Keep the Scots away too – whenever I go anywhere, something electrical blows up. And my English friend Clare has an adverse effect on plumbing wherever she goes! Have you thought about only allowing the Welsh to visit?!


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