Man Proposes, God Disposes

I’ve mentioned Elayne here a few times over the last year.  There was the trip to London last August, her own (first ever) blog post about the London trip and, more recently, there was a trip to our old stomping ground when I was back in Ireland last February.

We were both very excited when she arranged to come over for nine days, starting last Tuesday.  I met her at the airport, and we were straight back into laughing and chattering as usual.  I was looking forward to showing her around some of my favourite haunts, and in fact I hauled her up the Luberon the day she arrived – it looked like Tuesday might be the only dry day of the week and I wanted her to see the spectacular views from the top.


Elayne on top of the Luberon


Muguet – lily of the valley, growing wild on the mountain top

The following morning, we went to Forcalquier and had a nice wander around the town, followed by lunch with friends :


There were loads of other places I wanted to take her, loads of other things I had planned for the week.

Unfortunately, the man upstairs had other ideas – her elderly mother passed away on Wednesday night, forcing her to cut her holiday short by five days.  Today I dropped her at the airport in Nice, to fly home for the funeral tomorrow.


Promenade Des Anglais and the beach at Nice


Windblown Palm trees in Nice

We both hope there will be a next time, but times are hard.  Fingers crossed she can come here again.


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