Kids will have fun

The YD and her copain Ash have been here a month now.  Their sickly Irish pallor has finally been replaced by a healthy glow.

They’ve been enjoying Provençal life…


shopping in markets…




sipping coffees (or beers) in front of cafés…


swimming in the Lac d’Esparron…


and taming local wildlife.

Finally, they took to the saddle – Ash’s first time!



I promised I’d clone out the leadrope. I lied.

He did very well, but I led him most of the way, apart from when taking photos.  DSCN4001

After a little trek we went into the arena and I gave him a mini lunge lesson.  He learned how to post!! Woohoo!

And the YD played with Aero :


Nice to see this pair having fun together again!

I think they’re having a good time, despite the fact that they are living in the garden shed.

And they’ll have replenished their Vitamin D stores nicely to set them up for the Irish winter.

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