Flying Visit to Aix

Much to our delight, the ED decided on an impromptu visit this week.  I haven’t seen her since Christmas, although the LSH saw her in London a couple of times as he passed through en route to far-off destinations.

She arrived on Sunday, in plenty of time to go swimming at the Saut du Moine :

IMG_2462which fortunately is not frozen at this time of year!

She had to work during the week, though, which was a shame, but we managed to get to Aix-en-Provence for a quick  visit.

DSC_0019Aix is very pretty, with lots of interesting old buildings

DSC_0025quaint shops

DSC_0021very serious doors

DSC_0026and lots of fountains, in fact it’s know as the City of Fountains (Thanks for that piece of info, Sara!)

So a photo of the sisters in front of a fountain seemed appropriate.  Easier said than done… eventually we all agreed that this one wasn’t too horrific :

DSC_0032although this one expresses their relationship better :

DSC_0033They love each other, really!

Do you notice anything in the background?  On the left?  I’ll crop in to make it clearer :

croppedThe cafe beside the fountain has its very own unique wine cooler!

The girls & I wanted to eat here, but the LSH and Ash had already settled elsewhere with beers so we gave in and joined them at the Café Le Verdon for lunch to give it the Thank Friday it’s Lunchtime treatment.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what we thought…





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