My Favourite Accessories

It’s lavender time in Provence.  I’ve already done this year’s photo post.  Real gluttons for punishment lovers of the purple stuff can check out last year’s post, too.

When you’re in one of the big lavender growing areas like the Plateau de Valensole, you can’t help but notice that many of the fields are badly infested with tourists.


Especially oriental tourists.

It must a huge thing for these people to be in the beautiful lavender fields of Provence – trip of a lifetime stuff.  The ladies are generally dressed up in their prettiest dresses accessorised with big floppy hats and floaty scarves.  They prance around the rows of lavender, posing beautifully for their menfolk.


Yeah, I know she lacks a floaty scarf, but she stood there gazing wistfully across the lavender for ages.

I decided I wanted a lavender photoshoot.

I brought along my favourite accessories…


and we posed for a new header photo.


Then my FAVOURITEST favourite accessory and I posed on our own.


He was so good, he backed up perfectly straight between the lavender lines!  Doesn’t his colour look well against the purple background?

Anyhow, I can’t decided which one I like best.  I love the one of me & Flurry, but then Aero’s missing and we’re not really doing the whole “Tails from Provence” thing either.  Me & Aero are gazing wistfully into the distance (and doing it very well, if I do say so myself) in the first one, and Flurry appears to be paying attention, but there’s more lavender in the second and the horizon is less blown out.

Anyone out there got any preferences?  Leave a comment and tell me which one you like best, the first second or third photo.  We’re only talking about photos with horses in them, mind, I’m not counting the ones with snap-happy tourists!

The photo of the wistful lady in the blue dress was taken by the LSH whose photography blog can be found at The WideAngle Cafe.


14 thoughts on “My Favourite Accessories

  1. I love the third one, but you can’t have a banner without Aero – so second one is my second fav! 😀
    Gorgeous photos! I also adore the photo with the woman in the hat & blue dress in the lavender – that is a gorgeous photo!


  2. Ditto Kayti–2 for the blog, since it has both your “accessories”, but 3 for a screensaver. Yes, the background is better in 3, but it’s nice to have Aero too, right? Although I do like the head shot rather than the butt. How about another take with both backed in between the rows, head on?
    Love this post, gave me a morning laugh reading about your favorite “accessories”!


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