Donkey Update

I said I’d keep ye posted about my artistic endeavours.

This is how the donkey sketch looked two days ago :



and this is how it looks at the moment :



(Click on photos to see a larger version)

The camera lens has distorted it a bit; his ears are bigger and his nose smaller in real life.  As well as the obvious changes, I’ve adjusted his left eye a bit.  Then there’s  lot more blocking in to do, and his muzzle to finish, which I’m certain is going to cause me some grief.  Then there’s the neck, and how much of it to show… I don’t want him to be a disembodied head floating on a piece of paper!

‘Nother day or two of chipping away, I reckon.

Sheesh, proper artists whizz these things off in half an hour!! How on earth do they do it?

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