This one’s for Katherine over at Rodney’s Saga.  Katherine is one of those incredibly dedicated people who blog every day – she’s been doing it for about two years now.  I don’t know how she does it.  Well, I do, actually – she’s much more organised than me and frequently schedules posts for days in advance.  Anyhow, her hunt for the perfect horse has been… shall we say… ongoing.  But she has some other interests too, besides caring for her elderly mare Mathilda and her lawn ornament Rodney.  She regularly beats little kids – I mean, she competes regularly in Saddleseat shows when she’s not travelling up and down the East coast of the US in her search for the perfect horse.  This particular video fits into one of her other passions

…especially since Santa has horses instead of reindeer.

(Heeheehee – love it!)

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