I saw this video on Facebook recently.  It made me laugh!  I wanted to use it for this series of video posts, but who could I dedicate it to?  Then I managed to make a tenuous connection.  My friend Leah wants me to try her pumpkin pie – she’s certain she can convince me of the worthiness of pumpkin pies in general if she only has a chance.  There’s a pumpkin in this video.  Phew.  Connection made.  No-one offended (I hope).  Enjoy, Leah!

Take a look at Leah’s blog if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, or if you’re looking for inspiration for dinner tonight.  She’s not a horse person, but she painstakingly trawls her way through my long-winded horsey posts and she told me recently that she’s learned loads about horses by reading this blog (particularly about cleaning Certain Parts).  Her blog used to be called – wait for it – Tales From Provence!  What a coincidence!  She changed the name to Tales and Travel a while ago because, nowadays, she mostly writes about her travels.  And food.  Her blog always makes me hungry, and she has a handy list of recipes for readers like me who want to try things out.  Bon appetite!

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