What could be more Christmassy than a dream-come-true present?

There’s quite a few ‘pony for Christmas’ videos out there in YouTube land.  I have to confess that some of them give me a fair old lump in the throat – you can see that those kids had wished and wished for this, but never thought it would actually happen.

This one’s only a little bit tear-inducing, but it’s got a special kind of a horse in it – a Haflinger horse!  So I could only ever dedicate today’s video to Allie and her haflinger, Shyloh.  They started off ‘Green on Green’ two and a half years ago, but they’ve made steady progress ever since and I look forward to reading all about their future escapades and achievements.

(I’m deep-down-jealous of all those lucky kids, if the truth be told.)

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