It’s Christmas Eve!  The horses are tucking into a big wodge of hay, the dogs are gnawing on their bones and the cats are outside earning their keep.  Your presents are wrapped and under the tree, you sent off your Christmas cards weeks ago so you had time to send the ‘oops’ ones this week (unless you’re like me), there’s a plate of mince pies on the kitchen work-top and Christmas dinner is lined up and ready to go into the oven tomorrow morning (some assembly may be required).

Grab a nice cup of tea (or something stronger if you wish), pick up that plate of mince pies and put your feet up for half an hour.  Oh, turn the volume up and click on Full Screen as well.

Goosebumps.  Such memories, right back to when I learned to play “Walking in the Air” on the piano while home from college for Christmas.

This is for the Virtual Horsey Family that is HayNet.  Enjoy, lads & lasses.

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