(I’m not into the Christmas Spirit by now, then I will have failed miserably with this series of posts and I will spend the day sniffling into my mince pies).

It’s Christmas Day.  Maybe you’re surfing the net before the family gets up or maybe you’re checking up on your blogs after lunch while everyone is watching the queen’s speech/Miracle on 34th stree/Urbi et Orbi/whatever your fave is(!)  Have a quick look at this video – it’s a song about a family Christmas.  I’m dedicating it to my ever-growing Equine Blogging Family.

I’m following rather a lot of bloggers now.  Some of them post regularly, some less so, but I love reading about all of their endeavours, horsey and otherwise.  For the full list of the horse blogs I follow, click here.  Maybe you’ll find some new ones!

Merry Christmas one and all!

from Martine, the LSH, Flurry, Aero, Cookie and Cinnamon.  Licks and slobbers as appropriate.

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