Creative Pay it Forward 2013

Does anyone remember when I blogged about Creative Pay it Forward?

Well, I’ve been a bad Pay it Forward person.  I was supposed to send out gifts within twelve months.  Here we are, exactly one year and one week later and I’ve only sent off three items.   Truth be told, I’ve been struggling to come up with ideas for the other people who signed up.  I really did attempt put some thought into what I would send each person!  If I was sticking to the rules, I would only have another two to send off, but I said that I would include the first seven – I think I was unable to moderate comments in real-time and seven of you had signed up before I came back and checked.

So I’ve got four left to go – Elayne, Sami, Allison and Jen.  Elayne’s going to have to wait a bit longer, because I know EXACTLY what I’m going to make for her (she’s my BFF), but Sami, Allison and Jen, yours are ready to go, so can you send me your addresses please?

I’ll contact you via Facebook and your blogs, too.  Your gifts from Provence will be winging their way to you before you know it!


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