Spa Day

Today was Farrier Day.  I was delighted to hear he was coming today, because I haven’t been able to trim the horse’s  feet for a good three weeks now.  AND they’d both shed off a good portion of sole, leaving the walls pretty high.

So it was pretty gratifying that, when I remarked to the farrier that I hadn’t been able to do them for a couple of weeks because of my back, he laughed and said Yes, he could see that!  So I DO make a difference when I manage to trim them myself!


Anyway, I had to wait about an hour for our turn with the farrier, so I scraped off all the bot-fly eggs on both of them, pulled Flurry’s mane, pulled Aero’s a little and trimmed it quite a bit, snipped out their bridle-paths again and gave them both a quick brush over.

Then they both had their pedicure and I decided that I’d ride them, even though it was nearly lunchtime (I’m becoming French.  Lunchtime is very important to me now).  And then my back reminded me that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to not ride, so I didn’t.

The boys got to have a little picnic instead.



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