WordPress Comments and Spamments

Have any other WordPress users been having trouble leaving comments on WordPress blogs?  There are several WP blogs where I’ve left wonderful long, meaningful comments only to have them disappear into the ether.  This has happened with both free WP blogs and customised blogs.

There are two possible reasons :

1. The blog owner sees the comments and says something like “Ah Jaysus, not Martine again” and deletes it (yes, I know most of you don’t have Irish accents, but you know what I’m trying to say!)

or, 2. My comments disappear into the Spam folder

I prefer to think that option two is the more likely reason.  Particularly when I emailed two of the owners of blogs which swallowed up my comments, they both checked their spam folders and Voilà! There were my comments!

Which leads me to another issue.  Spam.

Because my own comments were disappearing, I’ve been attempting to keep a close watch on my spam folder.  I say ‘attempting’ because this sucker was filling up overnight – I was getting 150 – 200 spam comments (I’m going to invent a word here – spamments!) a day.  If I let it go for three days? Well, I’m sorry, but the <Empty Spam> button is a lot more attractive than skimming through page after page of gobbledygook looking for one little genuine comment that might be lost in there.

I decided I had to do something about this. Most of the spamments are on old blog posts, so the simplest solution was to allow comments on all posts for just one month after the date of posting.  I did that a week ago and it’s heaven.  I’m getting maybe just one or two spamments a day now.

Bliss.  And no risk of losing any real comments there either.

If you have a WordPress blog, think about doing the same, if you haven’t already done it. And then keep an eye out for comments from me.

PS. Just googled spamment. It’s already been invented. Dammit.

21 thoughts on “WordPress Comments and Spamments

  1. I get those dumb comments like, “I notice you write very much about this subject and have quality. Thank you for your view and blah blah blah.” I sincerely hope when I mark them as spam they truly are spam and not just some person who is not opinionated or specific.

    I’m so glad you alerted me to this problem. And I like the idea about turning off the comments on old posts. I need to do that too. Thanks, Martine!

    And I have to tell my husband the word spamments. He loves making up words too. He likes “handbidextrous” instead of ambidextrous. And “awkweird” for awkward.


  2. I’ve noticed a number of (wordpress) comments I’d left never arriving – here and other places. I chalked it up to user error, but maybe not?

    (not just “jaysus”… it’d be sufferin’ jaysus for your comments missy ;D)


    • lol… but I guess your comments may have been lost when I nuked my spam folder. Not much else to do when it’s up near 1000 comments 😦 sorry.


  3. I have been getting lots of very bizarre comments, obviously written by non-native English speakers. Most are harmless. I just “trash” them. I have not encountered the problem you mentioned. Good luck!


  4. Yes, and yes. In the last month I’ve been inundated with spamments (love the term), most of it wanting me to buy drugs to lengthen my p…s. I suppose any length at all would be an improvement..;-)
    have set spamment filters to filter that word out. Be aware that filters will look throughout the entire body of the text and delete or trash the comment if it finds them. BUt even so, I have had a lot of trouble getting my comments to show up both on my OWN as well as others blogs. I suspect some malware/virus has infiltrated the servers to include wordpress and blogger (which I’ve moved my blog to), so it’s not you or me, per se.


  5. It’s nothing personal. It’s the gremlins, they are busy at work I tell you!! Many tiny things can trigger a non spam comment, all depends on master settings by the IT powers that be. As I’m sure you know, those filter first before sender & recipient settings. In an effort to stay ahead of the gremlins, IT folks adjusts the settings regularly. Could be the flavor of the day, or whatever stands out. I also think if your comments get snagged/marked as such, for whatever reason, the gremlins throw a party and tell all their friends. It would drive me nuts trying to stay head of the hungry game…however if your comments get retrieved enough, theoretically you’ll ruin “the party” at least at that location. Kudos to you Martine for contacting those bloggers, nobody wants to miss out on comments – especially heartfelt ones.


  6. You know I’ve been having this problem, because you told me about it! Another reader complained too, so I just need to keep an eye on things. Adding a Captcha to my blog helped reduce the spam, because it was getting to the point that things were getting past Akismet.


    • I HATE Captcha (although your version is kute) and I hope to avoid going down that route.
      This whole thing is irritating, but like Aurora says below, the IT folk have probably tweaked something which is causing it. Hopefully they will do another tweak (oe maybe even un-tweak) and all will be well again.
      Fingers crossed.


  7. eeep. I found 6 of yours. Apologies. I haven’t been checking the spam folder for a while. Dunno what has been lost.

    As for clearing spam comments – when I do – I use my desktop. Sort the comments alphabetically (this makes the long runs of gunk easy to spot). Select All at the top of the page. Scroll down. Hit Delete All at the bottom of the page. I can clear 6 or 10 pages quickly.

    I shut off my comment at 30 days a while back. I hope any one who wants to comment will find a more recent open one.

    Back to checking my folder.


    • First I had to say they were not spam. When I still couldn’t see them, I had to go back and approve them. ?!!? And we are both WP. I have intermittent trouble with posting to Blogger, but I figure that’s a cross platform thing.

      Anyway, thank you for speaking up. Will keep an eye on my spam filter from now on.


    • That’s what bugs me the most – the two I contacted by email were Lauren (She Moved to Texas) and Susan (Saddle Seeks Horse) who are also WP users and both blogs where I comment regularly??? Maybe I comment so much that WP thinks I’m a spammentor?


    • The last unspam-filtered comment I have from you was on 7/11/14. Did you change any settings around then? Sorry I missed whatever you said between then and 9/18. My spam filter was emptying itself, so I just let it get on with it. 😦


    • No I haven’t changed settings at all. The same thing happened to Jen who owns Connor the Welsh cob, I randomly found one of her comments in my spam folder ages ago. Weird because she too had commented on my blog before.


  8. I get maybe 10 spam comments per week, and as long as I’m working on my blog on a computer (rather than on my phone via the app), I whizz through them and get rid. I clearly don’t get half as many hits as you do, because I’ve never had anywhere near that many! I view them through my dashboard, clicking on the button which tells me how many spam comments I’ve got. It’s very rare that I get a “real” comment end up in the spam, but I try to spot them and approve them quickly if that does happen.

    It’s a shame to only have comments open for a month, but I can see why you’ve done it. Hopefully if anyone reads one of your posts from earlier and wishes to comment after the window closes, they will find another way to let you know that they were inspired 🙂


    • Limiting the time on commenting isn’t a bad thing, Becky. People can always comment on my latest post if they really feel the need. Or on my About Me page – as far as I’m aware that’s set up to allow comments any time


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