It’s all about the luurve…

Some time ago, I was in the post office.  Buying stamps.  As you do.  And as the guy behind the desk leafed through his book, something caught my eye.  These beauties :


A special edition of French stamps to celebrate their hosting of the Jeux Equestres Mondiaux – World Equestrian Games, or WEG 2014.

“I’ll have one of them,” I thought.  Then I thought, “What the heck, I’ll have two of them!  Maybe I’ll do a giveaway on the blog some day.  Perhaps some of my readers would like horsey stamps!”

So now’s the time – because I have an ulterior motive.

Voting in the HayNet Blogger of the Year Awards has been extended until Monday.  And I’ve decided that, win, lose or draw, I’ll give away a sheet of these stamps when the winner has been announced.

So to be included in the draw for this amazing prize – valued at a princely €6.52 – what do you have to do?  Vote for me?  Well, that would be nice, but I have no way of knowing if you’ve voted for me or not. I’m going to trust you lot (and I know that loads of you have voted for me already.  Except maybe Katherine.  And possibly Roosa.  And maybe one or two others who pass through Tails From Provence from time to time.  They have their reasons.  They just might be in that list of finalists, too).

So the Giveaway is all about the luurve – the liking and the sharing.  On Monday, I’m going to do a random draw to pick one name out of all those who have entered.  How do I enter? I hear you ask.

Like or comment on this post here on WordPress = one entry.

Reblog this post = two entries.

Like or comment on this post on the Tails From Provence page on Facebook = one entry.

Sharing the post from Tails From Provence = two entries.

Like or comment on this post on my personal page on Facebook = one entry.

Sharing the post from my personal page on Facebook = two entries.

Favourite the Tweet containing this post = one entry

reTweet = two entries.

Theoretically, it is possible to have twelve entries, thereby increasing your chances of being the name that is randomly drawn from the hat.

Edited : Actually, seeing as it’s all about HayNet really, likes and comments on the HayNet newsfeed will also count as one entry.  So it’s theoretically possible to have thirteen entries.  Although I don’t think I know anyone who is connected to Tails From Provence/me via all these channels.

Are my readers nerdy enough to find a sheet of stamps an attractive prize?  Who knows.  But any giveaway is a good giveaway, right? And they’re HORSEY stamps!  And if you happen to live in France, you can even use them to send letters and such.

Best of luck.

PS you will have to trust me to do the counting of the likes and shares properly and to randomly draw the winner in a fair manner.  Like I trust you guys to vote for me.  Which you can do HERE. And sure why don’t you pop over and check out HayNet while you’re at it, if you haven’t already done so.  It’s all about sharing the luurve, after all.

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