A Christmas Short Story

HaHa!  Fooled you!

I decided that if I’m going to try and sell my stories (for pennies, most likely) then I shouldn’t leave The Christmas Pony sitting around here for anyone to take it for free!  But here’s the Ballyloch Blurb to whet your appetite :

The Ballyloch Stories are based around the clients of the fictitious Ballyloch Riding School, near the non-fictitious city of Cork, Ireland.  Each story is intended to stand alone, but the reader may prefer to read Lucky in Life first, as it describes the beginnings of Ballyloch Riding School.

Although the stories are inspired by the author’s experiences during her time running a livery stables near Cork, all of them are works of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used in a fictitious manner.  None of the human characters are intended to resemble any person, living or dead, and any such resemblance is entirely coincidental.  Some of the equine characters depicted are based on real horses the author has known over the years but are always presented in a fictitious way.

Lucky in Life will be posted on this blog soon, for a limited time only – watch out for it!

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