Spot the YD

We’re just back from a four day whistle-stop tour of Ireland.

Here’s the numbers :

Flights missed : 0 (phew)

Funerals attended : 1

Graduations attended : 1

Damaged rental cars : 1 (just a wing mirror, nothing serious)

Deflated airbeds : 1

House inspections successfully completed : 1

Daughters retrieved : 1

Countries visited : 2

Flights taken : 2

Home visits : 2

New babies reviewed and rated  : 2 (both adorable)

Meals out with friends and/or family : 2

Visits to care home : 2

Music Gigs attended : 3

New tenants met : 3

Cafe stops with friends and/or family : 4

Counties visited : 10 (Dublin-Kildare-Carlow-Kilkenny-Waterford. Then Waterford-Tipperary-Limerick-Clare. Then Clare-Limerick-Cork. Then Cork-Waterford-Kilkenny-Carlow-Kildare-Dublin)

Family and friends caught up with : 18 (I’m sure I could have done better)

Kilometres driven : 1400 (give or take a few)

The main reason for the trip was this very talented bunch of young people.

10347427_896223637075346_4465046915463022410_nMay life take them to exciting places and bring them unexpected joy.

The Eldest Daughter arrives tomorrow morning.  Let Christmas Begin!


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