First Hack of 2015

Just to prove that I didn’t neglect my horses in the same way as I neglected my blog recently, these photos were taken on my first hack of the New Year, with Flurry on January the 5th.


One of our less stony trails


Standard through the ears shot


“Over the tail” shot of a lavender field and the eastern Luberon.


Equine Selfie!

I’ve managed to do a little bit of work with both horses recently – whenever the weather has been sympathetic, when the mood has taken me and I’ve had the time available.  The biggest thing I did was to make sure that I trimmed all eight feet before I went to Ireland last week, so that I wouldn’t have that hanging over me on my return.  If I do a full set of feet, I’m not able for anything else afterwards!

I’ve also bought a new bit for Aero.  It was necessary :


(Hint : the old one is not meant to have the split to the right of the centre) To be fair, the original one owed me nothing – I think I bought it for Aero’s mother, which would make it at least sixteen years old.  Eeek!  Aero is turning into an old man!

Anyhow, we are ready to roll.

Monday, Feb 2nd is SERIOUSLY BACK TO WORK day.  Our first outing of the new year is on March the 8th.  I’ve also been threatening to do an online dressage competition…

Au boulot!

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