Snow Fun

The day after my semi-successful return to work with the horses, it snowed quite heavily. IMG_3443Did I go ride Flurry in the snow? Hell no!  The LSH and I took a snow day!

While he went off with his camera, I dusted the snow off the bird feeders and filled them up.


Snowy feeders

Those poor little guys were hungry.


Goldfinches tucking into sunflower seeds

I had fun photographing them through the not-very-clean window with my not-very-expensive camera.  Hence the not-very-good quality photographs!


Crested tit on top left and blue tit on bottom right

When the LSH came back, we took the dogs for a run in the snow.  I had already had all three out for their regular walk, and we debated as to whether we should bring Cinnamon or not. The French vet had given me dire warnings about letting her get cold ages ago, but she seemed to be enjoying the snow, so we brought her.

We needn’t have worried. She had a blast, hopping around like a little bunny as she chased the ball.

Hold the mouse over each photo to see the caption, or click on one and step through them like a slide show :

Interestingly, the next day Cinnamon gave us a very clear “No thank you” when we were setting off on our walk.  We listened, and left her at home.

After lunch (home made broccoli and blue cheese soup, yum!) we went off to see the horses.  Flurry was being pushy and thuggish, searching diligently for carrots on my person (there were none).

Hold the mouse over each photo to see the caption, or click on one and step through them like a slide show :

Aero only coughed once while we were there, and his nose is less runny. Hopefully he won’t need the vet! 150204_D088699 He was his usual mannerly self as I checked him over. 150204_D088675 And then he gave me one of those sharp reminders about how to behave around horses, even polite, well-behaved horses that you’ve known all their lives.

I had been talking to Flurry and I moved back to Aero from behind him, on the right.  I did not speak to him – this was my mistake; I should have – but I put my hand on his rug near the withers as I approached his head.  I can only assume that he thought I was Flurry or one of the horses in the paddock next door – he swung his head around to bite me, teeth bared and ears flat back against his head.  I think he realised at the last instant that it was me, and he just brushed the shoulder of my jacket with his teeth.

Intentional bite or not, I figured I couldn’t let it pass and I sent him away. 150204_D088677 He watched us from a distance while I messed around with Flurry. 150204_D088698 After a few minutes, I called him back. Oddly, he went straight back to the LSH instead of to me. But all was well anyway. I told him we were still friends. 150204_D088673 It’s funny that, despite all of Flurry’s bolshy, pushy, food-obsessed behaviour, Aero came closer to doing serious damage with his teeth than Flurry ever did.

PS The LSH is responsible for all of the good photos on this blog post.  Thanks, LSH!

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