Cough. Cough. Cough.

Poor Aero.


He seemed to improve for the latter half of last week.  Over the weekend, he coughed a little when I visited him in his paddock, but not too bad.  On Monday, I decided to bring him up to the stables for a light pedicure, with a view to doing some gentle work afterwards.

He coughed all the way up the road and he coughed all the time I was working on him.  His nose was running a little, but it was clear-ish.  Despite the improvement in temperatures, his coat seemed a bit stary to my eyes.  (I have no idea how to say that in French!)


I was now beginning to think hay allergy, or worse – there are a few processionary moth caterpillar nests around the place.  Both the caterpillars and their nests can cause an extreme allergic reaction.

It was time to call the vet.

Alexandrine arrived and was as horrified as me at the extent of his coughing, having heard him cough only once the previous day.  She didn’t think it could be the processionaries, she said he would be far worse and probably with various swellings all over his body if that was the case.  She took his temperature and it was 38.4 – just a tiny bit up.  That made it more likely to be an infection rather than an allergy – a positive thing in my opinion!

We left a message with the vet.  The equine vets here cover a vast region, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when he prescribed over the phone, but I was.  Five days antibiotic by IM injection.

I ordered it at the local pharmacy – again, I was surprised.  There was no need for a prescription, or even for the pharmacist to speak with the vet!  Different countries, different rules, I guess.

I brought Aero up to the stables for his first injection the following morning.

Not a single cough as we walked along the road.

Not a single cough as he waited while the syringe was prepared.

I almost decided not to bother with it, but he was so miserable the previous day that I went ahead.

Fingers crossed he’s on the road to recovery.



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