Ballyloch Giveaway!

Some time ago, I was contacted by the lovely people at Zazzle who asked if I would review some of their products.  Not knowing what they did, I checked out their website.  Custom design, I read.  Hmm… stuff for weddings, cards, mugs, temporary tattoos, St Patrick’s Day stuff, Easter stuff.  I wasn’t convinced.  I’m picky about what I’ll put here on Tails From Provence and I really wasn’t sure I could work with Zazzle.

And then – INSPIRATION!!! I want to promote my short stories, don’t I?  And my friend who designed the covers also designed a logo, didn’t she?  And what can you do with a logo???  Well, you can put it on things, can’t you!

I asked Zazzle if I could use their stuff for a giveaway to promote the Ballyloch stories and they came back with an enthusiastic YES!  I was blown away with their generosity, to be honest… you will see over the next couple of weeks…

Three days later, this box arrived, all the way from the US of A.


I couldn’t wait to see what they looked like.


And I think you’ll have to agree that they look FAB!


So right now, I’m having a Ballyloch mug giveaway, which will run until 6pm CET next Friday :

On this blog and on the Ballyloch blog – 1 mug

On Twitter – 1 mug

On Facebook – 1 mug

(Yes, there are four mugs.  Yes, I’m keeping one for myself.  Yes, I’m mean that way.)

To enter the Blog giveaway, just leave a comment here or fill in the contact form on the ABOUT page at . (Commenting on both earns you two entries.  Maximum two entries – if you comment more than once, it won’t count.  Sorry)

I will need a way of contacting people who enter the Blog giveaway, so if you’re not a regular follower, please leave an email address in your comment. Spell it out like this : your name at mail server dot com.  Your privacy is assured, I promise I will not pass your email address onto any third party and I will not start spamming you!

To find out how to enter the Facebook giveaway, visit Tails From Provence on Facebook.

To enter the Twitter giveaway, follow @MaGreenlee and retweet the Giveaway image – I’ll tweet it at least once a day so it’ll be easy to find.


And that’s it.  It’s theoretically possible that one person will win all three mugs.  If it happens, it happens.

Good luck everybody!

Short stories? you ask.  The very first one is available to read for free HERE for a limited time only.  Also available on if you want to download it to your Kindle.


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