Just Be

Sometimes it’s nice just to be.

I filled two hay nets and set them to soak.  Then I filled another four, for the night and the morning, taking my time. Despite the strong wind, I could still hear air traffic in the distance.  I sat on the bale of straw behind the field shelter and enjoyed the sunshine, trying not to think of who or what might be being transported over my head.   After a while, I went around to the other side of the field shelter, where the horses were.  I climbed into Aero’s feeder (it’s a giant apple crate) and sat in front of him.

And we spent the next while just being.  No agenda, no questions.


It’s incredibly comforting, curling up beneath a horse you trust, his head hanging over you.


I can’t believe how much trust there is between us now.  On Thursday, he made the first tentative steps towards lying down on request.  On Friday, we ‘just were’ together.  Quite contentedly.


Apart from when he tried…


…to eat my iPhone.


I do feel guilty about this little guy, though.


He kept his distance throughout.  Aero is a grumpy bugger where other horses are concerned.


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