Let’s all go to a Horseshow 3

Time is running out for me to get something videoed for the Interdressage May competition.  I had planned to drag a friend up to film me today, but he was limited to a bare two hours, the wind was blowing quite strong, I’ve had NO practise at all, I knew the arena would be very muddy and not too nice to work on… loads of excuses.  I put my friend off and went up to the farm with my camera in my pocket and no time limits.  My plan was to run through the Practical Horsemanship test a couple of times with the video running.  It’s pretty easy, so I was bound to get something usable. Or so I thought.

This looks pretty good, doesn’t it?  (You may want to watch it in full screen mode so that we are less than microscopic when we enter at A.) This was the start of our first try.

Things went rapidly downhill.  I forgot the test (twice), Aero lost the ability to back up straight, he forgot how to stand still, he got confused at the single pole on the ground, he kept drifting away from me when I was on his right…. argh!

Eventually, I ran through it with him on the lead.  I will submit that version if I have nothing else, but I would really prefer to do it at liberty.

Then I saddled him up and warmed up.  He was going nicely forward and straight – until I attempted to do the first four movements of Fundamental Walk Trot Test 2.  It’s all 10M half-circles and shoulder-in at walk, and he started to get quite tight and ‘stuck.’  I went off and did some trotting to loosen him up and rode a couple of shoulder-ins in trot, then I went back to doing the test again.  Truthfully, it still wasn’t great.  At best a 55% test, in my opinion.

It was Flurry’s turn to be ridden.  I had turned him out to graze while I was busy with Aero, so I hauled him back in from the grass. He had been eating for a good two hours, so he was practically burping as he waddled along.  Pretty chilled, so.  My plan for him was arena work.  Hmm, I thought.  Maybe I could practise Aero’s test with him?

So I ran through it bit by bit, did it in its entirety one time and then decided to record it.  And I have that, too, in case I have nothing else to upload on Thursday.  Again, it’s not great.  Flurry’s shoulder-in is not the best and I’m not sure it’s possible to see that he’s doing haunches-in at one stage, he is so far away from the camera.  This is where a video operator would come in handy, he could zoom in and out and also follow us so that we don’t disappear into the corners near C.

My cinematographer is free tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully I’ll be able to cobble something together with one or both of my horses, and he’ll get it on camera.  Fingers crossed.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

PS Is anyone else going to enter or is it just me?

Let’s all go to a Horseshow 2 Let’s all go to a Horseshow 1

7 thoughts on “Let’s all go to a Horseshow 3

  1. Well, with the wind blowing–I’m watching the trees thrashing behind the ring–and a horse running around within sight, I’d say, “Not too bad.” Now if I tried that with Harley, well heck, we wouldn’t even get to entering the ring and halting! Keep up the good work.

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    • Lol thanks, he’s well used to wind! When Anne and I first came to France with Gigi and Flurry, we were getting ready to ride one day. Fani, who ran the place we kept the horses, came out all wrapped up and said “You’re riding??” She had just cancelled her lessons for the afternoon. We went waaaay up in her estimation that day. Even though we said “In Ireland, if you don’t ride in the wind – you don’t ride.” Slight exaggeration but it sounded good 😀
      The horse in the background is going to be the subject of a series of blog posts. I’m hoping it will be interesting for everyone.


  2. Your cinematographer is re-arranging his schedule for tomorrow’s shoot. I especially like the bit where you & the horse lower your heads down together. Who is doing makeup & hair?


  3. I left you a comment in that first post saying I was contemplating (and to get after me about it lol). Have been schooling the in-hand test, and lined up a potential camera person, but will not have a regulation arena to work in for at least a month.

    Will let you know as soon as I have the 20 x 60 space set up, because I would love to join in Martine. Please keep me posted about when you’re thinking of participating again. 😀


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