Happy birthday to me from my Boys!

(A little late with this, but better late than never.)

I’m not a big jewellery wearer, so I surprised the LSH when I told him I wanted a bracelet for my birthday.  I made it simple for him – I did all the ordering myself.  He didn’t have to do anything except say “Ok, that’s a good idea” when I explained what it was.

It arrived a bit after my birthday…


…but that was the fault of the person who ordered it.  Oops.

It came in a lovely little box, with an extra freebie included – a handbag charm.


It fitted perfectly (phew!)


This bracelet is unique.  It’s one of a kind.  It’s made from a very special, highly sought-after, yet eminently renewable material.


Yes, it’s made with Tails from Provence!  Flurry and Aero donated a chunk of tail each and I sent them off to Kayti Aiken, aka Celtic Horsehair Creations.  Kayti is one of the many on-line friends I’ve made since starting this blog.  She started her own business making keepsake jewellery for horse owners about a year ago and I think it’s going well for her.  I can certainly recommend it – the finish on both the bracelet and the charm is perfect, with no stray hairs sticking out anywhere and beautiful even braiding throughout.  Her page is here : Celtic Horse Hair Creations  Check it out – her prices are great considering how much work goes into each piece!

And yes, Flurry and Aero do have some tail left.


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