Lavender Photo Shoot

The lavender is at its purplicious best right now.  I asked the LSH if he would come out with me one morning and take a few lavender + horses photos, with the aim of having a new header image here.

We ended up with quite a few to choose from, so I will be picking two – one for here and one for the Tails From Provence Facebook page.  I’ve also got some nice candidates for new Profile pictures, but I’m not sure how I’ll use them.

Just for fun, here are the top candidates.  I’ve got my own ideas as to which ones I’ll use but I’d love to hear what you guys think!


#1 Bringing the horses in from their field. They’re both saying “What’s George doing in the middle of the lavender?”


#2 Similar to #1 but closer to the camera. You see this one again later, but you might not recognise it.


#3 Both horses nicely in step. I don’t look like Quasimodo. I did in a surprising number of photos 😦


#4 A nice moment, well captured.  Some good Tail action provided by Aero.


#5 I love Flurry’s expression here, even though he’s off in the distance


#6 Both boys looking handsome for the camera, although there are no Tails involved.


#7 A typical Flurry moment : What have you got, Aero?


#8 A swallowtail. Because… well… Butterfly! Lavender! Bees!


#9 Heading home in the Provençal haze.


#10 A nice (or mushy) moment. Peaceful.

Profile Pic Candidates :


#11 Plenty of Tails From Provence here!


#12 Yeah. It’s here twice.  I’m not sure how best to use it.


#13 I love the air of purpose that Aero and I both have here.

Huge thanks to the LSH for getting up at 6am on his morning off to take these photos.

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