Still working on this lying down thing!

I reckon both horses have a good idea what I’m looking for at this stage.  My cue is to crouch down near ground level, and once I see they’re getting less serious about digging and more serious about lying down, I say the word “Couchez.”  To date I still wait for the horses to give an indication that they’re thinking about rolling before I ask.  Flurry is usually quicker to respond than Aero, or maybe he just likes rolling more!  I’m probably close on a 100% success rate with Flurry and maybe 85-90% with Aero – so long as I ask at the right time.

This was Aero last week.  This week I have mostly been spending time in the bathroom, with a nasty dose of gastroenteritis.  Next week I intend to be back to normal.

Continuing issues, questions, general ponderings….

How do I get to the next step, where I can ask before the horse is thinking about it?

How do I reduce the amount of rolling around so that they come to learn that it’s about the lying down and not about the rolling?

How do I cut down on the digging?  I don’t think Alexandrine wants all these holes in her arena!

How do I get them to stay down, because I sure as hell can’t force them to stay down….

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