A Plea…

Those of my extended family who are not on Facebook have pointed out that they have no idea where to go or what to do with respect to the ESMAs.

ESMAs??? I hear you ask.  Let me explain.

I was well chuffed when this blog was awarded fourth place in HayNet’s Blog of the Year award.  This is kind of like a BAFTA award, except it’s for Equestrian Blogs, not for stuff to do with Film and Theatre.

If there’s a BAFTA for Equestrian Blogs, there must be an Oscar equivalent, right?

Right!  That would be the ESMAs – the Equestrian Social Media Awards!  If you enjoy following this blog, can you please please pleeeeeze submit a nomination (or two or three) here : http://www.equestriansocialmediaawards.com/nominations/

Categories for which HaltSalute is eligible are 16 (Best Newcomer), 17 (Best Blog) and 24 (Best use of Social Media in South West Europe)

With my usual impeccable sense of timing, I’ve left it to the last minute to put this plea out – nominations close at midday GMT on Friday 22nd December, so if you can take a few minutes right now to get a nomination in for me I’d HUGELY appreciate it!

Many thanks!

But awards or no awards, I’ll keep on blogging no matter what.

See y’all later!

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