Sunday Stills – Holiday Lights and Decorations

The French have too much class to do garish lights, so it’s just as well I’m in California for this challenge!

Most houses in this town have some sort of light display going on so I was sure I’d find a few shots without too much trouble.  Unfortunately, though, it’s been pretty wet for the last couple of evenings, so today was my first (and last) chance to go out with camera in hand and try to capture a flavour of the lights.

I found a (sort of) horsey one.  This one is just for for Kris, Emma and Ramsay, to wish Ramsay a continued recovery :

This house is just a few minutes walk from my sister’s place :

I started using my camera in manual mode after that one, though, deliberately underexposing a little, which I think worked better.

I like the shameless crassness of the giant inflatable figures!

but I loved the simplicity of this porch

and if it’s simplicity you’re looking for, you can’t beat this one :

Joyeux Noël, tout le monde!
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14 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Holiday Lights and Decorations

  1. Yup, gotta love those inflatables. I always call it a "Walmart Christmas" when they've got those bobbling around on the front lawn. And come morning, they've "melted" into blobs of pooled nylon. Your underexposed photos came out great! You've inspired me to look for more photo opportunities.


  2. Aw, thanks for that first photo, it's the closest my place has come to being decorated:). I like your underdeveloped shots, they came out nice. I have to admit that those blowup doll Santas give me the worst urge to buy a BB gun. Terrible isn't it. I hope you continue to have a good trip. Merry Christmas!


  3. Wow, some people really spend a lot of time and money on light displays. You don't see that as much around here, but we have the odd one. Your're right on the setting. Underexposing works better than the automatic setting. Merry Christmas!


  4. I really liked the third shot of the lovely lighted house, and the last shot of the nativity. I also am not a fan the the inflatable decorations!! These things are horrible!! Merry Christmas to yo and yours. 🙂


  5. Pretty! My husband likes the inflatables too. I am more of a simple person, I just like the white lights. My favorite is the third photo down. Thanks for sharing California's lights!


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