Sunday Stills – Going Buggy

I still haven’t figure out Macro on my new camera, the Nikon 1 J2, so I took this one with the Nikon Coolpix P300, with the intention of going out later in the week with the other camera.

DSCN4052Opportunity knocked, though, in the shape of an enormous Stag Beetle which blundered its way into a party.  I suppose you could say he gate-crashed!

IMG_2465But the bad news was that I didn’t have either camera on hand, although I did have my iPhone – all was not lost.

I was really pleased with this photo :

IMG_2467…but it was one of those pure random chance shots.  I was trying to get a picture of the beetle sitting on the back of the chair with my husband’s finger for scale.  I pressed the “shutter,”  but the iPhone was so slow that by the time it captured the image, the beetle had opened his wings!

I was happy that I had enough for this challenge and then Ash arrived in on Friday and said “Look at  this!”

DSCN4127A Rhinoceros Beetle!

Well, it’s actually only half a rhinoceros beetle, but it’s still pretty cool!  These guys must be BIG when they have the rest of their body attached, here it is with a 5c coin for scale (the same size as a US 1c coin).

DSCN4129I’d love to see a complete one stomping around in the wild!

For more great bugshots, visit Sunday Stills and see what everyone else posted.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Going Buggy

  1. Great shots–even with the phone! I just saw a stag beetle last week at the barn. Milkweed beetles are everywhere–a sign I might want to remove the milkweed in the pastures. But I’ve never seen a rhino beetle–cool.


  2. Beautiful shots of the these gorgeous critters Martine! I also love the Rhino beetle shot. I’ve heard of them before but I don’t think we have them here. Great entry for Ed’s challenge. 😀


    • Oh crikey, I hadn’t thought about that!
      When Ash found it, there were smaller bugs eating it… to quote Jonathan Swift,
      So, naturalists observe, a flea
      Has smaller fleas that on him prey;
      And these have smaller still to bite ’em,
      And so proceed ad infinitum.


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