Thanks Haynet!!

OOH look!  A pacakage!  For ME!!  It’s from HayNet! What could it be??


It’s my prize for coming third in the HayNet Blogger of the Year poll!!  I got a HayNet pen!  And a sort of certafekkit!!  YAY!!


Thanks to everyone who voted for me.  And thanks to Sami and everyone at HayNet!

♥ that site!  Never a bitchy word, just lots of support and interested people.    Unlike some other Very Popular equestrian sites out there.

I’m off to the coast for two days.  I hope to take lots of pretty photos to share with you afterwards.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this – I’ve been sketching again!  This is Caline.  I’m liking this better than Grisou.  His ears were definitely too small!



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