Lavender Trek

Earlier this week, I trekked part of the way down to Reillanne with MC as she returned home with Quieto.  We have two new companions, Sam and Zingara.  Zingara (it means Gypsy) is a four year old who was recently broken by Alexandrine.  Sam is keeping her at the farm for a while, as they get to know each other.  Zingara is a Merens crossed with a Spanish breed (I’m not sure which one).  She seems like a sharp little thing, but she’s going great for a newly broken four year old and didn’t put a foot wrong on our trek.  After years and years of riding Western, Sam is loving all the new stuff she’s learning.  She’s been doing a lot of Equifeel and she’s starting to learn some dressage – English riding! – so she’s ready to take on some competitions in the Autumn.  Another member for Team Alexandrine!

This particular trek goes through the fields where Georges is growing crops for essential oils, Clary Sage and Lavandin.  Sam hadn’t gone this way before and she was blown away by it.  Even for the locals, there’s something special about riding through the lavender fields.

First we rode through the Fields of Clear Thinking (Clary Sage)…


…then straight across the lines of lavender (shhhh!)


Sam was horrified.  Wouldn’t the owner be cross? she asked.  Well yeah, but the owner is Georges, MC’s husband, so we hope we’ll get away with it!

IMG_3133Then we rode along a track in between two different sets of lavender…

IMG_3135…and paused for a “Through the Ears” photo.

IMG_3137MC turned off a while later and Sam and I continued our loop, returning home through a different Field of Clear Thinking.

IMG_3138It was a really lovely ride.

The weather has been really good, ie. not too hot.  There’s been quite a lot of wind which has the twin benefits of cooling us down and keeping the horseflies at bay.

Today, I did something I’ve been talking about for ages.  I rode Flurry…IMG_3144

…and ponied Aero.

IMG_3145Feckin’ brilliant.  Two horses exercised in under an hour.  Why haven’t I done this before?

I wasn’t sure whether to leave his fly mask on or off.  After consulting with Alexandrine, I went for “on”.  I thought it would be best if he wasn’t likely to be driven demented by those damn ear-flies.  Next time, I’ll just use a fly bonnet.  It’s weird not being able to see his eyes.

Happy Independence Day to all my American readers!

Sprocket and Doodles are coming over with some other American friends to celebrate July 4th with us.  Tomorrow I’m planning on dragging the LSH up to the farm to video me and Aero (and maybe go for a trek, too) and on Sunday we’re off to La Londe des Maures to MC’s boat.  Hoping for Zero Wind on Sunday…

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