Let’s all go to a Horseshow Again!

Despite it all being a last-minute rush, I really enjoyed my Interdressage experience last month – I suppose being in the ribbons helps 😀

So I’m planning to do it all again.  This time, the aim is Class 6A, Fundamental Walk, Trot, Canter test 2 and Class 7B, All Round Horsemanship.  See schedule here.  I’ve been told by the Karina Hawkridge, site owner/organiser, that I can do it at liberty, so that could be a bit of fun, showing off what Aero can do!

I printed off the ridden test and had a look at it.  Then I attempted to walk through the moves with Aero one day and couldn’t make sense of them (Read: I forgot the bring the printout with me).  The next day I rode Flurry in the arena to attempt a proper run-through (I don’t like rehearsing tests too much with Aero as he gets pretty bored).  And damn if Flurry wasn’t going really well!  I’ve just been working on straightness and transitions with him, real basic basics, but I schooled him in the rope halter one day last week to try to stop him leaning on my hands.  It worked, I had a super session with him yesterday; he was light and bendy and responsive.  So I ran through most of the Walk Trot Canter test and he wasn’t bad at all.  Weak in rein-back, but that can be improved easily enough (I hope).

So now I’m tempted to do that test with both horses, which leaves me wondering will I drop Class 7B.  £33 (€45) is a lot to be forking out in entry fees, plus I’ve got an Equifeel competition (€15) this this weekend and something else rather exciting (€€€) the following week…  Help!  I don’t know what to do!!

Here are my comment sheets from April.  Lots of really helpful advice from both Trudi Dempsy and Kate Farmer.  And they let you away with nothing, despite the seemingly high marks!

Martine Jack Sparrow April 15 Fundamental Walk & Trot 2

PH5 Martine 2

Is anyone tempted to join me this month?

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