Just Passing Through – Neros

I’m adding Just Passing Through as an occasional adjunct to the Meet the Inmates Series.  This one is about a little pony called Neros, who was visiting last week.  Neros has featured in this blog before.  He came to Le Championnat de France with us the first year I went.  In fact, he was the star of our team, and finished third in the Pony championships.

I hadn’t seen Girl and Boy for at least a year, so it was lovely to see them.  They came to participate in a clinic that Oriane was running last week.  They helped me muck out the stables every morning!  Ah sure they’re lovely kids 😀

Girl rode Neros all the way from their home near Caseneuve to the farm at Nanse.  That’s a loooong ride.  About 20 – 25 km.  It took her six hours.  She’s a plucky kid on top of everything else…


Anyway this is about Neros…  Neros ended up bunking in with Grisou and Caline while he was here, because we have NO space.  There are bloody horses crammed in everywhere!

It’s always a risk when you put strange horses together, but these three got on great.  Caline tried to boss Neros around at the start but he basically ignored her (Pipsqueak! You think you can chase me away from my hay?).  I even saw him playing with Grisou one day – I think Grisou was delighted to have someone around who was interested on other things beside eating and sleeping.


Technical specifications : Neros is a Welsh mountain pony.  He’s about 13 hands or 133 cms.  He’s been in his current home for five and a half years and was in a Poney Club (like a riding school) before that.  I don’t actually know his age but he has his own Facebook page if you want to have a look : Neros Facebook

He does lots of tricks, as you will see if you check out his page!  All taught by his Girl.  A talented horsewoman.  I fully expect her to become part of an Equestrian Spectacle troupe someday.


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